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K. M. Lovejoy raises the bar on over-the-top. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1941066178

supremacy, a comic erotic thriller

 If you’re looking for a zany romp through politics, gender, race, power exchange and “alternative sexuality,” Supremacy is the book for you.    

  Think The Pelican Brief meets 50 Shades of Grey on steroids and you have an idea of what an outrageous journey Supremacy will be.      

 Peter Graves has terminal brain cancer. A former activist with nothing to lose, he gets the idea that he could have a meaningful death if he could arrange the assassination of one of the reactionary Supreme Court Justices...

Fake quotes about Supremacy

A despicable story by a despicable author.” Donald Trump 

“This book should be burned.” Jerry Falwell 

“This book made me so hot…” Hillary Clinton 

“A man after my own heart,” Ted Kaczynski  

“The story is a little tame for my taste,” The Marquis de Sade 

“I felt like this was MY story,” Anthony Weiner     

"Scandalous" Olivia Pope

“This is about ME, isn’t it?” Antonin Scalia 

“A man after my own heart,” Raskolnikov 

“This book made me so hot…” Bernie Sanders 

“I laughed until my bra popped.” J. Edgar Hoover 

“I felt so sorry for him, and yet I wanted to be him.” Leopold van Sacher-Masoch 

“This is a great book. I read it in 2 days.” Mistress Amazon (not fake)     h2�7

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